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Arnett & Associates is the only accredited speakers bureau with a living history division. What makes our living history interpreters different? They are scholars, totally committed to the accuracy and authenticity of their character and the information they convey. Whether you are looking for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain or Abraham Lincoln, you can be assured that the living history interpreter we send is the best there is…. anywhere. We stake our reputation on it. That is why when an accurate and believable portrayal is needed, whether it is Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech at St. John’s Church, the History Channel, A&E Biography or national Geographic, the Queen’s visit or Jamestown’s 400th, you will see our interpreters front and center.

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Arnett & Associates is Proud to Offer the Best in Living History Experiences

For years, Arnett & Associates founder and President Patsy Arnett cultivated a love of history and contemplated working on a way to provide first class educational entertainment to meeting and event clients around the world. In February of 2007, her idea blossomed into fruition and the Living History division of Arnett & Associates was established, becoming the exclusive marketing agency for the cream of the crop in living history interpreters.

"Historical interpreters bring life and pizzazz to educational institutions and organizational training programs through energy and enthusiasm. Their novelty catches the imagination of the participants and implants lasting concepts. They bring the "Wow" factor sought by those in charge of teaching and training and those participating."

Dr. Robert R. Trumble,

Professor and past Dean of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business

As public interest in history and tradition continue to grow, our historic interpreters have been busier than ever before. Having scoured the country for nothing but the best in historians and scholars, Arnett & Associates now offers clients unprecedented access to a huge array of historic interpreters, speakers and performers. We strive to collaborate with our clients to provide exactly the right mix of history, humor and educational value for any budget. Whether it is an educational setting, a meeting, or a convention, the Living History division of Arnett & Associates will delight with customized programs for all types of audiences.

What is the difference between an historic interpreter and an historic re-enactor?

The vast majority of our Living History Interpreters are historic scholars– men and women whose personal scholarship on specific historical figures plays heavily into their portrayals. These typically are not generic characters from a certain time period, and it is not accurate or useful to lump re-enactors and professional living history character portrayals together or to use the terms interchangeably. They are not the same thing. However, there are similarities between re-enactors and professional living history speakers, such as dressing in period clothing and illustrating history to modern audiences. Professional living history interpreters are experts on specific people from history. Historical re-enactors are generally hobbyists, some with extensive knowledge and ability, while professional living history character portrayers are historical scholars who can speak at length on the figure they are portraying, also providing essential and accurate context with their presentations. Their knowledge is vast, as they have spent years learning the intricacies of their characters and the historical context within which they lived. For school groups, our historical interpreters can incorporate SOLs into their living history presentations, making learning history fun and memorable.

Living History Portrayals

Johnny Appleseed
Capt. Gabriel Archer
James P. Beckwourth
Hugh Grigsby Blaire
Corree Ten Boom
Edwin Booth
William Bradford
Omar N. Bradley
Sir Edward Bromley
Sir Francis Bryan
William Bryan
Marye Thorowgood Bucke
John Bunyan
Lewis Carroll
Pvt. Joseph Carter
Peter Cartwright
Dr. George Washington Carver
Aquilla Chase
Samuel Chase
William Sebert Chase
Thomas Cheatham
Dick Cheney
William Claiborne, Esq.
William Clark
John Clarke
Samuel Clemens
'Buffalo Bill' Cody
Lord Cornwallis
Oliver Cromwell
Pierre Cruzatt
D'Artagnan (3 Musketeers)
Sir Thomas Dale
LTG Benjimin O. Davis
President Jefferson Davis
Robert Davies
Charles Dickens
John Dods
David DuChasse
Alexander Dumas
Thaddeus Dunkley
Louis LeBeque DuPortail
Wyatt Earp
Thomas Edison
Toby Felgate
W.C. Fields
Lt. George Finley
John Finch
Henry D. Flipper
George Fox
St. Francis of Assisi
Ben Franklin
Theophile Gautier
Charles Goodnight
Captain Bartholomew Gosnold
Nicholas Green
Lord Halifax
Captain Ralph Hamor of London
Oliver Hardy
Dinyus Harvie
Captain Thomas Harris
William Henry Harrison
Patrick Henry
Henry II of England
Alfred Hitchcock
John Howard (Plymouth Settler)
Reverend Hunt
King James I/VI
Thomas Jefferson
Anthony Johnson
Stonewall Jackson
Capt. John Paul Jones
Dr. Percy Julian
William Kemp
Ann Burras Layden
General Robert E. Lee
Richard Henry Lee
C.S. Lewis
Capt. Meriwether Lewis
Douglas MacArthur
James Madison
Chief Justice John Marshall
William Marshall
George Mason
Capt. Joseph Richard Manson
Lorenzo de Medici
George Brinton McClellan
Robert Mills
James Monroe
Sir Thomas Moore
Elizabeth Morecock
Matthew Morton
John Murray (Earl of Dunmore)
Beau Nash
William Nelson
Captain Christopher Newport
Robert Carter Nicholas
St. Nicholas (Santa Claus)
St. Patrick
George S. Patton
George T. Peers
John 'Black Jack' Pershing
Pvt. Robert Bolling Pickett
John Pierce
Mistress Joan Pierce
Alyce Proctor
Alexandre Puskin
Sir Walter Raleigh
Captain John Ratcliff
Mary Read
Rosie the Riveter
Robert Rogers
John Rolfe
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Theodore Roosevelt
Silas (Indentured Servant)
William Shakespeare
George Bernard Shaw
Captain E.J. Smith
Jedediah Strong Smith
Captain John Smith
Sir Henry Stanley
Edward Steichen
Rachel Stanton
John Stone
Alexander Sutherland
Colonel Thomas Swann
John Tazwell, Esq.
Lady Temperance
Edward John Trelawney
Mark Twain
President John Tyler
William Wallace
Samuel Warwick
Booker T. Washington
George Washington
Martha Washington
Dr. Watson
John Wesley
Andrew White, S.J.
Woodrow Wilson
Edward Maria Wingfield
Private Harrison Woodson
Sir Evelyn Wrench
Frank Lloyd Wright
York (Willliam Clark's slave)
Colonel Charles Young

Native Virginia Indians
Ceremonial Dancers
Native Virginia Indians
Ceremonial Drummers
1600's Misc. Commoners,
Proprietors and Musicians
1700's Misc. Doctors, Proprietors
and Musicians
17th and 18th Century
Anglican Religion
1800’s Misc. Doctors, Proprietors
Late 18th and Early 19th C. VA
Politics and Richmond
19th Century Episcopal
17th-19th Century Cooking
Civil War Re-enactors &
Civil War Re-enactments
Golden Age Piracy
Fife and Drums
Minstrels and Period Musicians

Inspiration from Thomas Jefferson:

"Light and liberty go together. Darkness provides ignorance and fear."
"If people would think for themselves and speak what they think, they would find they have more in common than they would otherwise believe."
"Enlightenment of man: keeping alive the flames of enlightenment."
"I enjoy the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."
"Can self-government be maintained?"
"The earth belongs to the living generation."

When a big event comes up on your calendar, select a partner that delivers the essential missing piece to ensure a smashing success. Arnett &Associates, the only accredited source for the best in living history.

Historical Timelines
Native Americans & Ceremonial Dancers
Civil War and Revolutionary Re-enactors Re-enactments
Period Musicians, including:
Fife and Drums